Deep Insert Skimming: news on attacks & defenses

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"Deep insert" skimming is a new fraud technique that has been described as the "biggest skimming threat facing the global ATM industry" — and one that the industry is not prepared for. Today's anti-skimming solutions that use jamming or detection give no protection against these new, smart, skimming devices that sit deep inside the ATM or SST card reader, secretly capturing data from thousands of cards.

The number of deep insert skimming incidents is rising fast and attacks are spreading from the U.K. and Europe to North America and Asia Pacific. Join industry experts to discover more about deep insert skimming and the critical importance of active protection:

  • How is deep insert different from other skimming techniques?
  • Why don't jamming and detection anti-skimming solutions offer protection? 
  • What is the best defense for ATMs and SSTs?





Card Protection Plate

Active protection from Deep Insert Skimming

Today’s anti-skimming solutions that use jamming technology and detection were not designed to defend against the growing global challenge of deep insert skimmers. Discover more about TMD Security’s Card Protection Plate (CPP), the only proven, patented defence against deep insert skimming.

Long Bezel Skimming Devices

New CPK 6001s v2016 for NCR Selfserv ATMs protects against LB skimmers

 ‘Long Bezel’ skimming devices, a totally new type of overlay skimmer with a very long ‘nose’, have been reported on NCR SelfServ ATMs. In anticipation of this new type of skimming attack, TMD Security has already developed a new version of CPK for NCR SelfServ ATMs with motorised card readers. The new solution, CPK 6001s v2016, has a brand new design bezel and patented ‘multi-layer’ security features that not only protect against ‘Long Bezel’ skimmers but also deliver additional defenses against all skimming techniques including second generation stereo skimming and eavesdropping.



Second generation stereo skimming

Proven active protection for NCR SelfServ ATMs

Two stereo skimming attacks on NCR SelfServ ATMs were reported in Ireland in 2015. Testing and analysis of the recovered skimming device showed that the attacks used very sophisticated ‘second generation’ stereo skimming technology that defeats standard jamming solutions. 

TMD Security’s CPK 6001 version 2016 for NCR SelfServ ATMs is proven in independent tests to effectively defend against second generation stereo skimming without the need to take the ATM out of service. This is a huge leap forward in active anti-skimming technology. No other jamming solutions defend against this new threat. TMD has also built defences against second generation stereo skimming into Active DIP Kit (ADK).



ATM Security Association

ATM Skimming and Card Compromise Modi-Operandi Countermeasures

The ATM Security Association has published a white paper that provides insight into latest skimming and card compromise attacks and a description of available countermeasures. This white paper is the result of the collaborative work of the ATM Skimming and Card Compromise Working Group, whose international members include financial institutions, ATM deployers and manufacturers, security technology providers and industry experts.

Download your copy of the white paper from the ATM Security Association website



EAST Guidelines for reporting on skimming devices

Created by EAST Group on ATM Fraud (EGAF)

TMD Security is proud to be a member of EGAF (EAST Expert Group on ATM Fraud) and has contributed to new Guidelines published by EAST. These Guidelines are an industry first! They are designed to assist with standard reporting and analysis of card data compromise devices on ATMs, including ‘Eavesdropping’ and ‘Shimming’. EAST has produced these Guidelines for the Industry and Law Enforcement. 


Active protection for DIP - an industry first!

Orders and installations in US growing fast!

ADK is an industry break-through! With ADK the jamming signal is active and constantly protecting the card data – with no need to rely on the detection of a skimming device - and the ATM safely stays in service.  

“Customer orders at both banks and credit unions are coming in fast,” says Tom Moore, Managing Director, TMD North America. “We are in the process of installing ADK on ATMs across seven states across the US - including the east and west coast.” 

        Need more details on ADK’s unique functionality and availability? Let us know!



How did Akbank stop skimming on 4,100 ATMs?

Case study

Akbank has over 4,100 ATMs across Turkey, 985 branches and over 13 million customers. NCR not only provides their ATMs but also their ATM software and they use Gasper ATM monitoring. In response to the growing industry challenge of ATM skimming and also a requirement from the Banking Regulation Board to protect their ATMs, Akbank have now deployed TMD CPK+ and SDK across their entire network. 

What is more, they also engaged NCR to integrate CPK+ and SDK into Gasper for real-time state-of-health monitoring and fraud management. TMD’s partnership with NCR and the commitment, collaboration and skills of the local NCR team made this a success!

“We are proud to be the first bank in Turkey with an effective defence against skimming…
Customer security and trust are our priorities.”

Mr Yesukan Akinti, Vice President - Akbank    



Are your ATMs safe from card trapping?

Successful defence against card trapping starts here!

Card Trapping is not new! The original card trapping device was known as the ‘Lebanese Loop’, but there have been numerous different techniques since then and the number of incidents continues to rise. 

The European ATM Security Team (EAST) reported 5,298 incidents in 2014, 94% higher than the number of incidents in 2012.  Card trapping also bring serious risk of reputational damage and loss of consumer trust.

TMD has developed the Anti-Trapping Kit (ATK), a multi-vendor solution that can be used in combination with other TMD security features such as the Card Protection Kit (CPK+) or as a stand-alone feature.

And as the first line of defence for NCR ATMs, TMD has also developed the Anti-Trapping Bezel (ATB). The ATB contains the CPK+ jamming technology and its new design and construction help provide resistance to physical attacks.

‘’Customer comments about the service status/captured cards/fraud etc. have reduced to almost nil. Simply put these devices are having an amazing positive impact on customers, staff, police, and anyone else who gets involved.“ (Branch Manager, London, UK Bank).




How did Denmark reduce skimming?

New TMD case study

The global cost of ATM skimming continues to rise, and according to the latest annual figures from EAST, the average losses associated with a skimming incident have risen 15% to €41,500 ($US 57,000).

So how have banks in Denmark managed to reverse these trends locally?

TMD Security and Fujitsu began their collaboration in 2012, and CPK+ has now been installed on approximately 1, 100 ATMs, almost 50% of Denmark's installed base. Those ATMs have been successfully defended against skimming and plans are underway to roll out CPK+ on more ATMs.

"Our clients trust us so we have to make sure we recommend the most effective anti-skimming solution. Independent testing, as well as actual results, prove that TMD's CPK+ delivers the best protection against all types of skimming". 

Claus Hansen, Client Executive Director, Fujitsu



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