Explosive Attack

Proven defence. Unique protection against
solid explosives and gas attacks.

Gas and solid explosive attacks

Criminals are still hunting out the next weakest link.
Don’t let it be you!

Gas and solid explosive attacks remain a
major global ATM threat: Why?

» Serious risk to public safety

» Result in extensive collateral damage

» Damage consumer trust in the ATM channel


How to defend against explosive attacks?

TMD’s passive Note Staining Kit spoils the prize and deters the criminal.
The passive system is simple but expertly designed so that the ink containers are
ruptured by the shockwave of both gas and solid explosions.
Insight from an independent explosives expert confirms that are active (IBNS) ink-staining systems are not effective in solid explosive attacks

‘’Passive ink deployment systems outperform active IBNS systems where an ATM is attacked with explosives.’’

‘’When high explosives (stick explosives) are used, Active Systems (IBNS) have been shown to be less effective. Although ink staining of banknotes may still visible, staining is irregular with some notes not stained at all.’’

Dr Henco Bezuidenhout (Pr.Sci.Nat)
Energetic Materials Specialist, BEXPLO, South Africa

Why TMD’s NSK 7000?

NSK passive shockwave technology stains notes so effectively
in both gas and solid explosions

» Twice the ink of other dye-stain solutions so that the notes are always covered with ink

» No dependency on electronics and sensors to trigger the release of the ink

» No false alerts or maintenance issues; Cost effective and virtually maintenance free

Protecting Society from ATM Explosive Attacks

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Our solutions

Note Staining
Kit 7000

Protects against solid and gas explosive attack

  • Game-changing passive shockwave technology outperforms all other ink-staining technologies in explosive attacks
  • Does not rely on sensors to detect the attack. No risk of false activations or impact on servicing
  • Ink containers are ruptured by the explosion and instantly disperse ink over all the notes

Gas Defence

Protects against gas attack

  • Intelligent ignition module safely ignites any flammable gases inserted by the criminal in a controlled way
  • Prevents build-up of gases and stops an explosion
  • No matter how much gas the criminal uses, an explosion will not occur

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