TMD Access Management
The first integrated key-less Access Management solution for ATM safe, top box, secure room and branch.

TMD Access Management

Developing ‘game-changing’ Access Management solutions is not easy. That is why the ATM industry has been using the same locks for the past twenty years. TMD Security wanted to help by changing that.

TMD’s brand new Access Management solution is based on R&D interviews with ATM deployers and service providers around the world that highlighted the unbelievable hidden costs and inefficiencies of today’s old-fashioned ATM locks and manual processes.

Together with sister company TMS ATM Software, TMD Security has integrated certified, state-of-the-art lock technology that is proven to be of the highest security specification, high-security HSM encrypted OTCs, mobile app, and central business server application for user and access schedule management.

TMD Access Management is the ATM industry’s first integrated key-less access management solution for ATM safe, top box, secure room and branch. The results are significant cost savings, improved ATM availability and reduced risk of fraud.

TMD Access Management helps ATM deployers:

  • Achieve significant operational cost savings per ATM per year
  • Improve ATM availability and customer service
  • Reduce the risks from unauthorised access and lost keys

TMD Access Management delivers the following benefits for CITs:

  • No longer a need to be the key-holder for service and maintenance visits
  • Opportunity to sharpen focus on core-business
  • Reduced operational costs and overheads – no need to manage physical keys
  • Better client satisfaction – and more competitive pricing for contract renewal

Service Providers achieve results too with TMD Access Management:

  • No longer a need to schedule appointment with CIT or key-holder to service and maintain ATMs
  • Faster service results in optimal client satisfaction
  • Improved efficiencies result in stronger margins and more competitive service contract pricing

TMD Access Management benefits

  • No physical keys
    The costs and overheads, also the security risks, associated with handling and managing physical keys are significantly reduced by replacing physical keys with secure One Time Codes (OTCs) and mobile app.

  • High-security Mobile App
    Each authorised user has their own ID which is connected to the Mobile ID and mobile app log-in. Mobile app access can be securely granted or removed remotely in real-time.

  • Real-time One-Time-Codes
    Single-use OTCs are generated by the Encryption Host (residing on the Hardware Security Module HSM) in real-time – according to predefined permissions and access mode so there are no concerns of codes being lost or stolen.

  • High-security encryption and certification
    All messages between the Encryption host, the mobile app and the lock are encrypted. The core encryption information and algorithm are securely stored in the HSM.
    All locks are certified.

  • Real-time audit trails
    The time of lock opening and the time of closure, and the ID of the user, are automaticallysent to the Business server application via the mobile app and recorded in the TMD Business server application. There is no need to manually download the information from the lock with a Smart key, and then enter it into the central system as with other solutions.

  • Remote management and control
    Schedules for lock access are created and approved according to administrator privileges, and on-demand access can automatically be granted, according to the pre-approved profiles of the user at the ATM. Access can instantly be denied, if required, even if a schedule has been created for that user.

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