Logical Attack

Protection against jackpotting,
including black box attacks.

Our solutions

TMD Access

Protects against malware and jackpotting attacks

TMD Security Dashboard
  • Physical keys are replaced with a secure mobile app and One Time Code
  • Only pre-authorised users with an approved access schedule can access the top box
  • Real-time audit trail and security features ensure the right person is at the right location at the right
    time and the ATM or SST is always secure

Defence Kit

Protects against malware and jackpotting attacks

Intelligent Defence Kit
  • Real-time intelligence into unauthorised access protects the ATM and SST top box and safe from attacks including jackpotting
  • Peace of mind from instant notification of attempts to
    drill or melt holes in the top box and safe
  • Tamper mats can also be located in the top box and safe which can generate an alert if drills or thermal tools are used

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