The patented and proven global anti-skimming standard

Card Protection Kit 

Card Protection Kit is the global industry standard in anti-skimming and with more than 350, 000 units installed worldwide, comes with a track record that is second to none.

Multiple jammers generate random electromagnetic jamming signals that are proven in independent tests to prevent a criminal from using digital, analogue or stereo skimming techniques to copy magnetic stripe card data and then filter and decode it in clear. The jammers are located in bezels around the card entry slot, specifically designed to fit individual ATM or SST vendor and model types for optimum security. 

Criminals do not stand still, and new threats constantly emerge. That is why Card Protection Kit is designed with a USB architecture that is scalable. Software updates can be made remotely and optional features such as anti-card trapping or skimming device detection can be added without replacing the original CPK core.

Since the card data is always protected by the jamming signal, the ATM or self-service terminal can securely stay in service even during a suspected skimming attack.

Real-time informational alerts support remote management and reporting. You can be confident that the jamming signal is in actively protecting your cardholders because of built-in state of health monitoring.