The only active solution for DIP in the ATM industry

Active DIP Kit 

What makes Active DIP Kit an industry first is that the multiple active jamming signals continuously protect the card data on the magnetic stripe and the ATM or SST safely stays in service, just like motorised, with no risk to cardholder compromise. 

Until now, the only industry solution for DIP card readers was for the jamming signal to be used in a passive way. Because of the design and functionality of a DIP card reader, jamming could only be activated once sensors in the card reader detected the presence of a fraudulent device and the ATM would need to be taken out of service. This approach also brings risks because skimming devices are getting smaller and more sophisticated. Even the best detection technology, though a useful source of intelligence as to suspected attacks, is not completely reliable as the only defence mechanism. This is why TMD introduced Active DIP Kit.

Metal Detection Kit (MDK), integrated into Active DIP Kit as a standard feature, is an informational tool that generates alerts when a skimming device is detected. However the ATM or SST safely remains in service because the jamming signal is always on, actively protecting the card data. Tilt and Vibration Kit (TVK) can also be added for protection against physical attacks.

You can be confident that Active DIP Kit is actively protecting card data from skimming attacks because of built-in state of health monitoring.

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