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Proven security technology

Card Protection Kit is the ATM industry’s global standard in anti-skimming. ATM crime evolves quickly, and to address these new threats, our security solution portfolio has been extended to also include ‘game-changing’ defences against ATM explosive attacks, physical attacks, malware and top box attacks. 

Combined with Security Management Software, these innovative solutions are the new global standard in ATM security.

Security Management Software

The power of TMD security hardware combined with Security Management Software results in real-time security and control. Instant insight into ATM security status and fast response times reduce the risk of attack and protect cardholder trust and convenience.

Also, Security Kit Monitoring’s remote diagnosis and incident management significantly improves ATM availability and reduces operational costs by making sure that service calls are timely and productive. 

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Intrusion Defence Kit

Intrusion Defence Kit (IDK) protects against top box attacks.
More information to come, when the solution is released!

Gas Defence Kit

Gas Defence Kit (GDK) effectively protects against ATM gas explosive attacks.

Gas Defence Kit safely ignites in a controlled manner any gas that is inserted by a criminal into the ATM. The Gas Defence Kit intelligent ignition module is activated as soon as the specially designed sensors detect gas and continuously sparks. 

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Note Staining Kit

Note Staining Kit (NSK) is the only effective protection against explosive attacks.

Successfully deployed on more than 20,000 ATMs in South Africa, Note Staining Kit’s ‘game-changing’ shockwave technology is specifically designed to instantaneously rupture on explosive impact and effectively stain the notes inside the cassettes, rendering them worthless. 

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Tilt and Vibration Kit

Tilt & Vibration Kit (TVK) detects physical attacks around the card reader including Eavesdropping.

TVK sensors detect any disturbance caused by a criminal’s attempt to cut, saw or drill into the area of the fascia around the card reader. As soon as such an attack is detected, an alert is generated and the deployer can take appropriate action. TMD Security recommends that TVK is always installed since it provides self-defence against attacks such as ‘Eavesdropping’.

Anti-Trapping Kit

Anti-trapping Kit (ATK) securely protects the trapped card from the criminal. Card trapping is not new, and it is a relatively low-tech crime, but this type of fraud has a potentially damaging impact on consumer trust because the card is retained inside the ATM or SST until the criminal retrieves it.

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Card Protection Plate

Card Protection Plate (CPP) is the only effective defence against deep insert skimmers and shimmers. Deep insert skimmers have fast become a global problem. These devices are positioned deep inside the card reader, and can lie in situ for days, secretly capturing data from the magnetic stripe of thousands of payment cards until the criminal retrieves them.

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Card Protection Kit

Card Protection Kit is the global industry standard in anti-skimming and with more than 350, 000 units installed worldwide, comes with a track record that is second to none.

Multiple jammers generate random electromagnetic jamming signals that are proven in independent tests to prevent a criminal from using digital, analogue or stereo skimming techniques to copy magnetic stripe card data and then filter and decode it in clear. The jammers are located in bezels around the card entry slot, specifically designed to fit individual ATM or SST vendor and model types for optimum security. 

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Active DIP Kit

Active DIP Kit (ADK) is the ATM industry’s only active anti-skimming solution for DIP card readers.

What makes Active DIP Kit an industry first is that the multiple active jamming signals continuously protect the card data on the magnetic stripe and the ATM or SST safely stays in service, just like motorised, with no risk to cardholder compromise. 

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Note Staining Kit+

Note Staining Kit Plus (NSK+) combines passive shockwave technology with active intelligence to protect against illegal safe door opening or removal of the cassettes in traditional physical attacks.

More information to come, when the solution is released!