All about skimming - What you need to know

Investment in protection starts with insight into organised crime

Do you know all about skimming techniques and the latest threats?

  • What is Stereo Skimming?
  • Did you hear that FTR has confirmed the first Stereo Skimming device in 2013?

FTR Solutions, and independent consultancy, confirmed that the first stereo skimming device was recovered in Ireland. Though not expertly designed, this device shows that criminals are thinking ahead and stereo skimming is a real threat.

  • What are Digital and Analogue skimming?
  • What is an inlay skimmer?
  • What is Eavesdropping?
  • What do skimming devices look like?

‘’Card skimming is not new, but criminals constantly re-invent techniques to undermine weaknesses in security. You need
an anti-skimming solution with a proven track record to defeat digital, analogue and more importantly, stereo skimming.

Can you take the risk? Test results speak for themselves." 

Cees Heuker of Hoek - CEO

Published in RBR Banking Automation Bulletin, May 2013