Deep Insert Skimming & Shimming prevention

Card Protection Plate

TMD Security’s patented Card Protection Plate (CPP) is the only effective defence against ‘Deep Insert’ skimming and shimming. These new fraudulent devices lie deep inside the card reader, capturing data from thousands of payment cards until the criminal retrieves them. They cannot be detected and jamming technology was not designed to protect against them. This is why ‘Deep Insert’ skimming devices have been described by one major ATM deployer as the ‘biggest skimming threat to the ATM industry’ – and one that the industry is not prepared for. 

CPP actively prevents the insertion of fraudulent devices by filling the space inside the card reader that the criminal needs. CPP can be used together with TMD Security’s Card Protection Kit (CPK) and Active DIP Kit (ADK) for maximum protection against all types of ATM card fraud.

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