Card Trapping Protection

Anti-Card Trapping Kit

Card Trapping is not new, but recently the number of incidents has risen significantly. There were 5, 298 incidents in 2014 according to EAST, an increase of 98% over the year before. And aside from cash losses, card trapping has a damaging impact on consumer trust and loyalty.

ATK is proven to successfully defend against card trapping. As soon as sensors within the ATK module detect that a card is trapped by a criminal ‘loop’ device, the ATK physically holds the card in place so that the criminal cannot access it. An alert is sent to the deployer so that immediate action can be taken. 
ATK is most effective when used in conjunction with consumer awareness messaging prompting them not to enter their PIN. TMD strongly recommends the evaluation of ATK in light of recent fraud trends and would be happy to provide units for testing, free of charge. Please contact our support centre for more information.

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