Long bezel skimming protection

CPK 6001s v2016 for NCR SelfServ ATMs motorised

New Long Bezel (LB) skimming devices have been reported on NCR SelfServ ATMs with motorised card readers. These LB skimmers have a bezel with a long ‘nose’ and the skimming device read head is located in a different location to other skimmers.

 TMD Security R&D anticipated this new skimming technique and has released CPK 6001s v2016 for NCR SelfServ ATMs with patented security features that not only defend against LB skimming but also actively protect against other skimming techniques such as second generation stereo skimming.

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Protection against deep insert skimmers & shimmers

New! Card Protection Plate

New criminal techniques involve the insertion of internal (or ‘’deep insert’’) skimmers and shimmers deep inside the ATM or SST card reader. Because these devices are too small to detect and are located at a distance from jamming signals, Card Protection Plate (CPP) is the only effective defence against these attacks. 

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