Press release: New Card Protection Plate

6 April 2017 – TMD Security’s new Card Protection Plate (CPP) is the only defense against ‘deep insert’ skimming for NCR SelfServ DIP ATMs

TMD Security announced today the launch of its new Card Protection Plate (CPP) for NCR SelfServ ATMs with DIP card readers. This addition to TMD Security’s CPP portfolio is timely in view of the recent surge in the number of deep insert skimming attacks on ATMs with DIP card readers. CPP is already available for other ATMs and SSTs including NCR SelfServ ATMs with motorized card readers and Diebold Opteva ATMs with motorized and DIP card readers.

Deep insert skimming devices, also known as ‘card reader internal skimming devices’, are placed deep inside the ATM or SST card reader. They capture data stored on the card’s magnetic stripe and remain out of sight, inside the card reader, for days, skimming thousands of cards.

TMD Security’s patented CPP is securely fitted inside the card reader using the space that the criminal needs for deep insert skimming, while the consumer’s card can still freely move in and out during a transaction.

CPP also protects against ‘shimming’, another new ATM fraud technique seen in the US. The criminal inserts the ‘shimmer’ deep inside the card reader to ‘sniff’ the data stored on the EMV chip.

‘CPP is the ATM industry solution to the growing problem of deep insert skimming, also shimming,’ said Matthias Thiele, EVP and Managing Director, TMD Security Americas. ‘Deep insert attacks are common on motorized card readers, however DIP card readers are now also being targeted in the US. All ATMs are at risk because anti-skimming solutions that use jamming and detection are not designed to protect against these new threats. CPP is the only effective defense. ’

While CPP protects cardholders from these new fraud techniques, TMD Security’s active jamming solutions Card Protection Kit (CPK) and Active DIP Kit (ADK) continue to defend against standard skimming devices and work with CPP to protect against all types of skimming.

TMD Security will share insight into deep insert skimming and best practice defense in a live webinar hosted by FSPA on 27 April 2017, 11am EST.

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