Press release: ATM Security Management Software

21 November 2017 – TMD Security’s new ATM Security Management Software combined with security technology defends against skimming, physical attacks including explosions and malware

SINGAPORE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–TMD Security announced today the release of its Security Management Software portfolio that includes Security Kit Monitoring, Profile Management, Access Management and ATM Fraud Detection.

Security Kit Monitoring gives an instant ‘one-look’ dashboard view of the status of the security kits on the network, with alerts via email, SMS or mobile app, ensuring that each ATM is protected and that service calls are productive, reducing costs and maximising cardholder convenience.

Security Kit Monitoring works with Gas Defence Kit’s ‘spark’ technology to safely ignite any gas the criminal inserts into the ATM , preventing an explosion, and alerts of any attacks. Note Staining Kit+ protects against explosive attacks by using ink to neutralise the value of the notes and ‘spoil the prize’. Unlike other note staining systems that are destroyed by the explosion before they have time to activate the ink, Note Staining Kit+ uses patented shockwave technology that instantly ruptures the ink canisters and stains the notes on explosive impact. Additional security features stain the notes if there are traditional physical attacks using grinders or thermal tools, and Security Kit Monitoring generates an alert.

Profile Management protects against malware and black box attacks by comparing the software and hardware on the ATM with the defined correct versions stored centrally and alerts if changes are made.

Access Management ensures that only authorised users have access to the ATM via USB or Windows and defends against malware.

ATM Fraud Detection alerts if suspicious transactions occur at the ATM by comparing pre-defined business rules with actual transactions and the ATM can either be shut down or the card can be blocked.

‘ATM crime trends, including deep insert skimming and explosive attacks, are unfortunately spreading fast in Asia Pacific,’ said Mike van der Wal, MD APAC, TMD Security. ‘We are committed to help ATM deployers be prepared and take their security defences to the next level.’

TMD Security will share insight into the latest global ATM threats and how to defend against them at ATMIA ATM & Cash Innovation Asia.

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