Press Release: TMD Access Management integrates Easthouse key-less ATM locks

Thursday 27 June 2019 – TMD Security announces global agreement to integrate Easthouse’s key-less locks for ATM Top Box and Safe into its TMD Access Management solution

NEW YORK & AMSTERDAM–(BUSINESS WIRE)–TMD Security announced today that Nanjing Easthouse Electrical Co. Ltd, (SecuRam), leading manufacturer of high-security certified locks, will be the hardware partner for TMD’s multi-vendor Access Management solution for ATM top box and safe locks.

TMD Security has integrated Easthouse’s key-less high-security locks for ATM top box and safe into TMD Access Management, a solution which works for any brand and model of ATM. This is the first single access scheduling and provision solution for ATMs and a wide variety of other access points such as secure room and branch, that uses encrypted one-time-codes and mobile app instead of physical keys. The Access Management solution is currently exclusively available through TMD Security.

We are proud to be integrating Easthouse’s ATM top box and safe locks into our ‘game-changing’ Access Management solution,’ said Cees Heuker of Hoek, CEO TMD Security. ‘Easthouse has a long-standing global reputation for the quality of its locks. But next generation access management takes more than locks. TMD Security has combined these ATM locks from Easthouse and locks for other access points from our strategic partners, with a secure, user-friendly mobile app and intelligent management software from our sister company TMS ATM Software. The result is an innovative, cost effective, integrated solution for all access points including ATMs, secure rooms and branch.’

We are committed to help ATM deployers, CITs and service providers significantly reduce their operational costs, improve customer service and effectively protect their assets,’ added Cees. ‘They have told us they see many business benefits to using one integrated system for a broad range of access points. Also, the automated central management system with real-time audit trail means that ATM deployers can save money and reduce ATM down-time because keyholders do not need to accompany ATM engineers on service calls. We are excited by the positive response to how the solution works and the cost savings that can be achieved. In some cases this can be a saving of more than $10,000 per ATM per year.’

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