​ATMIA US Conference, Orlando​ February 19-21

The future of ATM security created a buzz at ATMIA US 2019 in Orlando

New solutions on display included:
The ATM industry’s first integrated key-less Access Control Technology for ATM safe, top box, secure room and branch for significant cost savings, improved ATM availability and reduced risk of fraud.

'ATM deployers, CIT companies and service providers have told us they need to save money and improve efficiency while also maximizing ATM availability,' said Tom Moore, EVP and Managing Director, TMD Security Americas. 'TMD Access Control Technology helps them achieve all this with fast and cost-effective automated remote access management with audit trail, using secure one-time-codes sent via a mobile device instead of physical keys.

Note Staining Kit

Proven to be the most effective defence against ATM explosions

Card Protection Plate, with Tamper Switch

The only effective protection against deep insert skimming and shimming

Protecting your ATMs from Criminal Attacks: What you Need to Know

ATM security experts from US Bank, Iberia Bank, IOActive and TMD Security shared first-hand insight into exactly how criminals carry out attacks and the vulnerabilities they exploit.

If you missed the ATMIA workshop in Orlando, read a summary from Suzanne Cluckey, Editor, ATM Marketplace:

> Protecting your ATMs, Part I: 'You don't have to run faster than the bear'

> Protecting your ATMs, Part II: Understand your adversary

TMS ATM Software also got everyone’s interest

ATM Management and Monitoring software from TMD’s sister company TMS ATM Software includes five modular packs that can be used together or on their own, including Security Management Software, Cash Management and Transaction Management.

‘The unique value of our ATM software lies in its all-in-one functionality with mix and match flexibility. ATM deployers tell us they particularly like its low cost of ownership and user-centric architecture and design,’ said Hugo Montiel, VP TMS ATM Software, Americas.