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2017 Events - Please join us!

ATMIA US Conference: 14-16 February 2017, Orlando

Meet with Tom Moore, Matthias Thiele and Robin Hamstra to discover more about Deep Insert skimming and shimming and how TMD’s Card Protection Plate (CPP) defends against these new threats. 


RBR Self-Service Banking Asia: 22-23 March 2017, Manila

Join us in Manila and hear Mike van der Val’s update on the latest fraud ATM techniques that are rapidly
spreading to APAC such as “deep insert” skimming. Also hear about the worrying increase in the number of
gas and solid explosive attacks. 


ATMIA India ATMs: 27 April 2017, Mumbai

Mike van der Val will be sharing news on ATM attacks and defences.  


RBR Self-Service Banking Europe: 23-24 May 2017, London  


ATMIA ATM and Cash Innovation Europe: 13-14 June 2017, London  


ATMIA ATM and Payments Security: 19-20 September 2017, London 


RBR ATM and Cyber Security: 10-11 October 2017, London 


ATMIA ATM and cash Innovation South East Asia: 20-23 November 2017, Kuala Lumpur 




ATM Security: 11-12 October 2016, London

If you missed the latest on Deep Insert skimming and shimming and how Card Protection Plate defends against these new threats, contact us.


CELAES Security: 3-4 October 2016, Miami


European ATMs: 14-15 June 2016, London

If you missed the latest update from Winfred Boerboom and Robin Hamstra on active protection against deep insert skimmers, discover more about TMD Security’s Card Protection Plate


Southeast Asia ATMs: 28-29 April 2016, Bangkok

Mike van der Wal, MD APAC, TMD Security, presented at this event. If you did not have the opportunity to hear his presentation, and would like more information on protecting your ATM channel from criminal techniques such as Eavesdropping, ‘Deep Insert’ Skimming and Shimming contact Mike!


ATMIA US Conference 23 – 25 February 2016, New Orleans

If you missed Tom Moore, MD North America, and Robin Hamstra, Sales Director EMEA in New Orleans, contact us to discover more about the latest fraud trends, including second generation stereo skimming, and how best to defend against them. 

IPRC Annual Conference: 28 January 2016, Mumbai

Contact Mike van der Wal, MD APAC, TMD Security, for more information on what he presented at this event.

India ATMs 2015: 8 – 9 December 2015, Mumbai

If you missed Mike van der Wal, MD APAC, TMD Security present the latest fraud trends including second generation stereo skimming and discuss how TMD’s Active DIP Kit (ADK) protects cardholders from fraud, while the ATM stays in service at all times, find out more! 

Cyber Security Summit for the Financial Services Industry 24 November: Bangko Sentral, Phillipines 

This event was organised by BancNet Inc. and the Information Security Officers Group (ISOG). Mike van der Wal, Managing Director APAC, TMD Security, was invited to speak at this event and  shared insight into the latest trends such as second generation stereo skimming, eavesdropping, shimming, inlay and insert skimmers. If you did not have the opportunity to see Mike’s presentation but would like to discover more, please contact Mike van der Wal.




ATM Security 13 – 14 October: London

Cees Heuker of Hoek, TMD Security, was joined by Niall Callanan, Manager, AIB (Ireland) and Dave O'Reilly, FTR Solutions to provide insight into new ‘second generation’ generation stereo skimming attacks. The session featured a case study of how AIB initiated a collaborative investigation into the attacks with TMD and FTR Solutions so that together they could achieve an informed defence strategy.

CELAES Security 15 – 16 October: Panama

Gerardo Barocio Landa, Latin America Sales, TMD Security, presented the latest fraud trends and how to defend against them. ATM card fraud prevention: Achieving maximum security and user convenience




Card Protection Plate (CPP)

CPP defends against rapid rise in ATM ‘deep insert’ skimming and shimming

Deep insert skimming is the biggest skimming threat facing the global ATM industry because deployers are not prepared. Current anti-skimming solutions are not designed to protect against deep insert skimming and all ATMs are exposed to this new type of attack.



Did you miss our live webinar?

Deep Insert Skimming: Breaking news on attacks and defences

Listen to our webinar hosted by ATM Marketplace to discover more:

  • How is deep insert different from other skimming techniques?
  • Why do jamming and detection anti-skimming solutions not offer protection? 
  • What is the best defense for ATMs and SSTs?