Intrusion Defence Kit

Defends against jackpotting, cutting, drilling, removal and unauthorised openings

Intrusion Defence Kit

Increases security
Simplifies operations
Reduces costs

10 Defence Features

Special Features

Real-Time Alerts

Real-Time Alerts via the dashboard, app, SMS, e-mail and Webhook


Real-Time Alert Jackpotting

ATM removal / ramraid

Alert ATM Removal

ATM skimming

Alert ATM Skimming

Explosive attacks

Alert ATM Skimming

So fast and easy to install

Intrusion Defense Kit

DC power supply

Does not rely on batteries

Secure audit trail

All events are monitored and recorded centrally.

Continuous Online Mode

with Intrusion Defence Kit

Continuous Online Mode

Software penetration tested by


Management application, mobile app, API interface and Bluetooth communications tested and certified by Redscan UK.


We develop our own hardware and software. TMD locks and products are totally focused on your requirements.


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