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The widest possible choice of access door hardware from our partner “SALTO” integrated into our solutions.

7 Advantages

Special Features

One Touch Access™ Security

With One Touch, user credentials and schedule are instantly validated.
Fast OTC access.

TMD iPhone OneTouch

Instant security checks

The encrypted OTC is randomly generated and sent to the lock when all the credentials have been checked.

Secure audit

All events are monitored and recorded centrally.

Security Audit

Real-time remote management

Users and schedules are centrally managed. Users can be added and removed remotely.

i-photo lock technology (ILT©)

A live photo of the closed lock and door can be requested for the audit trail.

This photograph is date and time stamped, with the lock and user IDs.


Proximity access only

The authorised user must be in close proximity of the lock before the encrypted OTC is sent.

TMD Proximity Access Only


If the lock has not been closed, a request is sent via the mobile app or SMS to return to complete the process.


To ensure optimal energy usage and extended battery life,  the lock must be ‘woken up’ to start the access process.

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Management application, mobile app, API interface and Bluetooth communications tested and certified by Redscan UK.


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