Press Release: Global Survey Highlights Business Case to Replace Keys and Cards

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18 November 2019 – LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–TMD Security announced today that its global survey of thirty banks, ATM deployers, CITs and service providers revealed three major business reasons for replacing keys and cards with a single Access Management solution using One Touch Access TM Security mobile app for all ATMs and branch doors.

Operational cost savings was the primary business case. Respondents cited today’s key-holder processes as a major expense. Every routine service call which involves opening the ATM top box to service the card reader, for example, requires a key-holder to accompany the service engineer.

Using TMD Access Management removes the need for a key-holder because access is scheduled and approved remotely with a real-time audit trail. Also, Access Management removes the need to replace lost or stolen keys and cards and access can be instantly granted and declined when there is a change of personnel.

Business impact model analysis has revealed the staggering hidden costs associated with managing physical keys,” said Cees Heuker of Hoek, CEO and Founder, TMD Security. “Moving to a single integrated key-less access process for branches and ATMs results in huge savings.”

Improved security is the second business case. Cards and access badges can be lost or stolen, and most can be illegally copied. This old technology demands the use of CCTV systems and call centres which are expensive to set up and run. Access Management however provides a multi-layered secure access process for all types of locks. The IDs of the user, lock and mobile are validated in a split second remotely at the time of use and because One-Time-Codes can be sent directly to the lock, codes do not have to be written down.

The third business case is improved ATM availability. Survey respondents said off-premise ATMs could typically be out of service for three days, until a service engineer visit could be co-ordinated with a key-holder.

TMD’s whitepaper summarising the survey findings and a demo of TMD Access Management will be shared at RBR’s Branch Transformation 2019 and ATMIA’s Asia ATM conference.

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