96% of all fraud losses is due to ATM skimming.
We invented CPK anti-skimming technology.
You protect customer loyalty and trust.
We take care.

The new standard in ATM security

ATM crime knows no boundaries and constantly migrates to the next weakest link. We are committed to help you stay one step ahead of the latest threats, to protect your cardholders, maximise ATM availability and reduce operational costs.

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We take care

TMD Security combines CPK technology and TMD hardware kits with Security Management Software. Real-time insight into ATM protection offers you full control. The combination of hardware and software is the new security standard in the ATM industry. Welcome to the next level.

Patented technology

TMD Security solutions result from extensive R&D into future threats together with innovative, patented  technology – that is why they are the new global industry standard in ATM security.

‘One look’ dashboard view

Security Kit Monitoring gives you a real-time view of all the security kits on your ATM network and the security status of your ATMs with alerts via email, SMS and mobile app.

Research & Development

Our R&D and technology innovation centres in Istanbul and Cape Town, together with dedicated engineering and product management teams, deliver the next level in anti-skimming and physical security solutions.

Knowledge & Experience

TMD Security is a member of EAST, ATM Security Association and ATMIA. We passionately believe in industry collaboration to share knowledge into global fraud trends and insight into best practice, proven defence strategies.

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