How did Akbank stop skimming on 4,100 ATMs?

Case study

Akbank has over 4,100 ATMs across Turkey, 985 branches and over 13 million customers. NCR not only provides their ATMs but also their ATM software and they use Gasper ATM monitoring. In response to the growing industry challenge of ATM skimming and also a requirement from the Banking Regulation Board to protect their ATMs, Akbank have now deployed TMD CPK+ and SDK across their entire network.

What is more, they also engaged NCR to integrate CPK+ and SDK into Gasper for real-time state-of-health monitoring and fraud management. TMD’s partnership with NCR and the commitment, collaboration and skills of the local NCR team made this a success!

“We are proud to be the first bank in Turkey with an effective defence against skimming…
Customer security and trust are our priorities.”

Mr Yesukan Akinti, Vice President - Akbank


Are your ATMs safe from card trapping?

Successful defence against card trapping starts here!

Card Trapping is not new! The original card trapping device was known as the ‘Lebanese Loop’, but there have been numerous different techniques since then and the number of incidents continues to rise. 

The European ATM Security Team (EAST) reported 5,394 incidents in 2013, up from 2,766 incidents in 2012, an increase of 98%. Losses totalled €4.7 million, with an average incident costing a deployer €866. However over and above hard cash losses, there is a serious risk of reputational damage and loss of consumer trust.

To defend against this growing threat, TMD has developed the Anti-Trapping Kit (ATK), a multi-vendor solution that can be used in combination with other TMD security features such as the Card Protection Kit (CPK+) or as a stand-alone feature.

As the first line of defence for NCR ATMs, TMD has also developed the Anti-Trapping Bezel (ATB). The ATB contains the CPK+ jamming technology. Its new design and construction help provide resistance to physical attacks and its narrow card slot makes it more difficult for the criminal to insert some types of card trapping devices. 



First Stereo Skimmer reported

FTR Solutions confirms first stereo skimming device

TMD Security identified stereo skimming as a real threat a number of years ago. This is why our current anti-skimming solutions already have built-in protection and test results prove that TMD’s CPK+ is the only solution that protects against analogue as well as stereo skimming.

The first stereo skimming device has been recovered in Ireland, according to FTR Solutions, an independent consultancy. This device is not expertly designed but definitely shows that criminals are thinking ahead and stereo skimming is now a real threat. 

In its report, FTR advises that “institutions must review and validate …the effectiveness of various anti-skimming technologies to combat this new threat”. So don’t take the risk! We would be pleased to work with you to demonstrate the unique level of protection that CPK+ delivers in comparative analysis testing. 


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